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In Memory of Jenettha "JJ" Baines-Perryman

Jenettha J. Baines-Perryman, affectionately known as "JJ", joined The Chosen Aggregation in April 2011. It didn't take her long to find her place as a soprano and family member. JJ was versatile, she could carry soprano, alto, and tenor parts with innate effort and easily maneuvered into whatever capacity she was needed.

JJ was pro-Aggregation. Whenever the group was nominated for any awards and honors, she would be the first to step up to the plate to publicize and to make sure everyone was voting. She saturated social media on the group's behalf. She was equally tenacious when it came down to music. She studied her music as if it were a college homework assignment, paying unique attention to every note to ensure she landed each one with precision and accuracy. Whenever the group would sing wrong notes, she was not shy to point out that "that's not right." We love her for that. She wanted to make sure that every time we stepped up to the microphones, we were ministering in the spirit of excellence.

Adjectives we use to describe JJ are faithful; dedicated; committed; fervent, unwavering; passionate; gifted; talented; and anointed. She was also serious about ministry and would not pause to safeguard our ministry from negative energy or threats that would compromise the effectiveness of what we have set out to accomplish. She had a heart for people, a heart for ministry, a heart for prayer, and a heart for Joseph Robinson and The Chosen Aggregation.

JJ was excited about leading "I Live to Worship" on our upcoming live recording; however, The Lord called her home a few weeks before the recording was to have taken place. She did, however, have opportunities to lead a number of songs with us, to include "Safe In His Arms" and "He Cares" by Milton Brunson and the Thompson Community Singers; "Joyful Joyful", from the Sister Act 2 Soundtrack; and "Never Alone", by Walter Hawkins and Love Center Choir. Whenever she sung, she delivered and we were all blessed and made better as a result of it.

Jenettha "JJ" Baines-Perryman, you will forever be loved and missed by Joseph Robinson and The Chosen Aggregation. The standard you set is one by which others should be measured. Ministry was not a compromise for you; it was a lifestyle. We are grateful to have been honored with the presence of you and your gifts and weep in great assurance that we will see you and sing with you again. Until then, rest in God's care. Well done, good and faithful servant.

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